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UA 378/92 - Venezuela: fear of torture / legal concern: Luis Alberto Arias Bellorin, Henry Hinojosa, Victor Martinez Nino, Benigno Valera, Arnoldo Guedez, Yolimar Sierra, Domingo Rivero, Francisco Escalona, Julio Escalona, Rolando Lugo, Orlando Chirinos,

, N° d'index: AMR 53/010/1992

Those mentioned above are among hundreds of people - civilian and military -arrested following a coup attempt by members of the armed forces on 27 November 1992. There is particular concern that, due to the suspension of several constitutional guarantees, the security forces can arrest people without warrant and hold them for long periods. AI has previously received reports of torture by the branches of the security forces currently holding the detainees. Reports suggest that civilian detainees will be tried by military tribunals: there is serious concern regarding standards of objectivity and independence in proceedings against civilians charged with political offences.

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