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UA 339/94 - Venezuela: ill-treatment / prisoner of conscience: Gabriel Rival Granadillo

, N° d'index: AMR 53/009/1994

Gabriel Rivas Granadillo, leader of La Chivera peasants' union, was arrested without a warrant on 2 July 1994 by members of the state police in Valencia, Carabobo state, and subsequently sentenced to one year's administrative detention under the Law of Vagrants and Crooks. He is currently held in poor conditions in a police station annexe and there is concern for his health. He is believed to be a prisoner of conscience unlawfully arrested and detained for his peaceful activities on behalf of peasants involved in a land dispute. There are further fears that he may at any time be sent to the remote penal colony of El Dorado, where conditions are even worse than those he now faces.

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