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Further information on UA 77/93 (AMR 51/22/93, 19 March; and follow-ups AMR 51/29/93, 7 April; AMR 51/37/93, 29 April; AMR 51/38/93, 6 May; AMR 51/43/93, 19 May and AMR 51/47/93, 3 June) - USA (Texas): death penalty: Gary Graham

, N° d'index: AMR 51/048/1993

Further information has been received regarding the stay of execution granted to Gary Graham. In a 5-4 ruling on 2 June, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted the stay, just hours before the execution was scheduled to take place. It was granted pending a decision by the US Supreme Court in another Texas case, Johnson v Texas, in an appeal which claims that Dorsie Johnson, a 19 year old offender on death row, was sentenced unconstitutionally, since his youth was not taken into consideration as a mitigating circumstance.

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