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United States of America: Death penalty developments in 1992

, N° d'index: AMR 51/025/1993

This report updates statistical and other information given in earlier AI reports on the death penalty in the USA. Topics covered include: imposition of the death sentence on juvenile offenders, including the case of Johnny Garrett, executed on 11 February 1992; inadequate assistance of counsel in death penalty cases, including the case of Roger Coleman, executed on 20 May 1992, despite doubts about his guilt; alleged racial discrimination in the imposition of the death penalty, including the cases of Delma Banks and William Andrews (the latter was executed on 30 July 1992); execution of mentally ill/retarded prisoners, including Nollie Martin, Cornelius Singleton, Donald Harding, Ricky Grubbs, Ricky Rector and Johnny Garrett.

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