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Peru: Some recent cases of human rights violations by the security forces and abuses by Sendero Luminoso

, N° d'index: AMR 46/079/1991

Since the publication of the report "Peru: Human rights in a climate of terror" (AMR 46/56/91) Amnesty International has received reports of gross violations by the armed forces and of atrocities by Sendero Luminoso. AI has documented ten "disappearances" and one extrajudicial execution in the province of Leoncio Prado, Huanuco and another "disappearance" in Tocache, San Martin, all reportedly perpetrated by the army. A paramilitary group calling itself the "Comando de Liberacion Antiterrorista" (CAT) has issued death threats to journalists in Lima and Ayacucho. One journalist has been killed. Twelve men, three women and a child were killed in the Lima district of Barrios Altos in November. In August 1991 three Catholic priests were killed by Sendero Luminoso.

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