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Peru campaign: further information on appeal cases

, N° d'index: AMR 46/078/1991

New information has been received on the following cases detailed in "Peru Campaign - Appeal Cases" (AMR 46/49/91): death threats to Magno Sosa Rojas and Necias Taquiri in Huamanga province, Ayacucho; "disappearance" of Ernesto Rafael Castillo Paez in Lima; letter bomb attack on Dr Augusto Zuniga Paz in Lima; "disappearance" of Manuel Pacotaype Chaupin, Martin Cayllahua Galindo, Marcelo Caban Tucno, Isaias Huaman Vilca from Chuschi; "disappearance" of Honorata Ore de Arotoma, Julio Arotoma Cachahuaray, Zenon Huamani Chuchon, Eleuterio Fernandez Quispe, Luis Amaru Quispe, Napoleon Quispe Ortega and Onofredo Huamani Quispe, all members of Izquierda Unida (United Left) in the town of Huancapi, Ayacucho.

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