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UA 325/93 - Peru: ill-treatment / fear for safety / "disappearance" / extrajudicial execution: Natalia Escobar Silvestre, Guillermo Nunez Palomino, Soledad Ramos Romero, Teofilo Nunez Quispe, Camilo Nunez Quispe

, N° d'index: AMR 46/034/1993

There is concern for the safety of Natalia Escobar Silvestre and Guillermo Nunez Palomino, both of whom claim to have witnessed the detention and ill- treatment by police on 21 August 1993 of Teofilo Nunez Quispe. They are his wife and his father respectively. He was later found dead with a bullet wound to his head. There is also concern for Soledad Ramos Romero, who claims to have witnessed the detention by police of her husband Camilo Nunez Quispe (Teofilo Nunez's brother) on 17 August 1993. He has subsequently "disappeared".

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