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South Andean Action 04/92: Peru: Ill-treatment and death threats against peasant leaders

, N° d'index: AMR 46/029/1992

AI is concerned for the safety of Lorenzo Ccapa Hilachoque and Juan Huarca Saico, secretary general and secretary respectively of the Federacion Unificada de Campesinos de Espinar (FUCAE). Lorenzo Ccapa has allegedly received death threats from members of the army on two occasions between March and July 1991 and Juan Huarca was reportedly ill-treated by members of the security forces who were searching FUCAE's premises on 21 April 1992. FUCAE's premises have been repeatedly watched and visited by members of the army and police. Security force officials have allegedly claimed that FUCAE leaders are involved in terrorist activities. However, the organization has publicly rejected the activities of the armed opposition group, the Partido Comunista del Peru (Sendero Luminoso).

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