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Peru: Fear for safety: Journalists critical of the authorities

, N° d'index: AMR 46/027/1997

Cesar Hildebrandt, Veronica Sanz, Mario Tarazona (journalists working for En Persona); Daniel Ruiz (chauffeur working for En Persona); Luis Angeles Laynes, Agustin Figueroa, Luis Angois Banchero, Jorge Sandoval, Luis Revoredo (journalists working for Ojo): There is concern for the safety of Cesar Hildebrandt, a director of the Peruvian television programme En Persona, following revelations about a plan by the authorities to kill him and phone threats. On 25 June, an En Persona team were physically assaulted and threatened by armed men. On 1 July journalist Luis Angeles Laynes, political editor of the newspaper Ojo, was attacked by armed men. The attack followed threatening phone calls made against other staff members of Ojo.

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