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Peru: fear for safety: Dr Antonia E Saquicuray Sanchez, judge (f), Dr Ana Cecilia Magallanes, public prosecutor (f), relatives of the victims of the Barrios Altos massacre, relatives of the victims of the La Cantuta massacre, General (retired) Rodolfo Rob

, N° d'index: AMR 46/010/1995

AI fears for the safety of those mentioned above, who, according to reports, have all expressed fears in recent weeks that they may suffer reprisals for having spoken out in favour of clarifying past human rights violations. On 16 June 1995, Law 26479, an amnesty law which closed all investigations and judicial proceedings into past human rights violations, came into effect. Judge Saquicuray ruled on 16 June that this law was inapplicable to investigations initiated into the 1991 Barrios Altos massacre. As a result, she has received death threats. Others connected to this investigations are also fearful for their safety.

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