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Peru: Further information on torture, including attempted rape / possible prisoners of conscience / fear of unfair trial

, N° d'index: AMR 46/009/1997

Released: Aurelio Leiva Barboza, Lauro Aguije Lizana, Jacobo Veliz Chuquin, Arturo Villaizan Contreras, Ines Marilu Avila Galvez (f), Dario Vargas Martinez, Juan Vargas Martinez and 13 other peasants; still detained: Teofilo Jose Huaman Navarro, Augusto Elguera Machari, Alfonso Rojas Jollca (note corrected name), and new names: Fermin Corahua Orihuela, Javier Aguilar Mansilla, Paulino Solis Taype, Carlos Gonzales Perez and a further 6 unidentified peasants; still detained: six (previously four) army conscripts: Jose Urdanibia Arellano, Carlos Ramirez Polanco, Elmer Vasquez Entrega, Hugo Matute Rodriguez, Julio Ureta Cuchisaca and Francisco Palomino Laura: According to the Asociacion pro Derechos Humanos (APRODEH), 20 peasants have now been released, but there remains concern for the safety of 13 peasants and six army conscripts who continue to be detained by the anti-terrorism police. There is further concern after allegations that Augusto Elguera Machari and John Izurraga Soto, a 15-year-old now released, were tortured. An investigation should also be opened into the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of another peasant, Fortunato Chipana, during the military operation in Alto Yurinaki.

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