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UA 153/94 - Peru: arbitrary detention / harassment / torture: Francisco Alejos Morillo, Tomas Espinoza Castillo, Zacarias Zavaleta Castillo, Roger Cordova Castillo (arbitrary detention); Ermenegildo Morillos Alejos, Olimpo Alejos Mendoza (harassment); Mig

, N° d'index: AMR 46/008/1994

The above-named, all apart from Miguel Linan leaders of the Provincial Federation of Civil Defence Patrols of Sihuas, ahve been subjected to various forms of human rights abuse in recent weeks. The first four were reportedly detained on 20 March 1994 and detained incommunicado for 10 days before being transferred to police custody. The are accused of involvement with the armed opposition but it is believed that the real reason for their arrest is to restrict their freedom to organize an independent civil patrol. Ermegelindo Morillos and Olimpo Alejos were repeatedly harassed during March. Miguel Linan, former leader of the Comunidad Campesina de Tintayo was detained on 5 March 1994 and reportedly savagely beaten. He was released on 7 March.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 46/08/94
Distr: UA/SC
UA 153/94 Arbitrary detention / Harassment / Torture 15 April 1994
Tomás ESPINOZA CASTILLO ) arbitrary
Zacarías ZAVALETA CASTILLO ) detention
Ermenegildo MORILLOS ALEJOS ) harassment
Miguel LIÑAN MARIÑOS ) torture
In recent weeks the above named people have been subjected to various forms
of human rights abuse. All, apart from Miguel Liñan, are leaders of the
independent and legally registered Federación Provincial de Rondas Campesinas
de Sihuas, FPRCS, Provincial Federation of Civil Defence Patrols of Sihuas,
which operates in the province of Sihuas, in the department of Ancash.
Francisco Alejos, Tomás Espinoza, Zacarías Zavaleta and Roger Córdova were
reportedly detained on 20 March 1994, by members of the army stationed at the
military base in Sihuas. After 10 days in incommunicado detention, the four
were transferred into the custody of the police on suspicion of being involved
with the armed opposition. However, Amnesty International believes that the
accusations are false, and that their detention has been motivated by political
attempts to restrict their freedom to organize and run an independent civil
According to reports, during March Ermegelindo Morillos and Olimpo Alejos were
repeatedly harassed and threatened by members of the military stationed in
Sihuas. In view of this harassment, Amnesty International fears that they
may be arbitrarily detained and tortured.
On 5 March 1994, Miguel Liñan, former leader of the Comunidad Campesina de
Tintayo, Peasant Community of Tintayo, province of Sihuas, was detained by
members of the army attached to the military base of Sihuas. According to
reports, during his detention he was "golpeado salvajemente", "savagely
beaten". He was released on 7 March and, by mid-April, was still under medical
treatment for the injuries he sustained.
The FPRCS is a legal and independent organization, its main purpose being to
protect the interests of the local communities. In 1990 the leading members
of the FPRCS were elected to office in the local municipal elections. Since
then, members and leaders of the FPRCS have apparently been harassed by the
security forces. In December 1993, a new army base was established in Sihuas,
which, according to reports, started to harass members and leaders of the
independent civil defence patrols. This harassment apparently is an attempt
to bring the FPRCS and other independent organizations under the political
control of the central government and army. In January 1993, the government
issued a counter-insurgency decree which specified that all the independent
civil patrols must adapt their organization and functions to the Comités de
Autodefensa, Self-Defence Committees, run by the security forces.
The government of President Alberto Fujimori assumed power on 28 July 1990.
The government inherited a legacy of gross human rights violations dating
back to January 1983. The President has repeatedly stated that his government
is pursuing a policy of respect for human rights. However, Amnesty International
has documented at least 600 "disappearances" and 228 extrajudicial executions.
The organization has also documented at least 200 arbitrary detentions since
May 1992. Many of these are prisoners of conscience or possible prisoners of
Human rights violations occur in the context of the government's
counter-insurgency operations directed against the clandestine armed
opposition group Partido Comunista del Perú, PCP, Communist Party of Peru,
and the Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru, MRTA, Túpac Amaru Revolutionary
Movement. Amnesty International opposes the deliberate and arbitrary killing
by the armed opposition of defenceless civilians not directly involved in the
internal conflict, and of members of the security forces who have laid down
their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention or
any other cause.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail
letters either in Spanish or in your own language:
- expressing concern about the reported arbitrary detention of Francisco Alejos
Morillo, Tomás Espinoza Castillo, Zacarías Zavaleta Castillo and Roger Córdova
- stating that Amnesty International believes them not to have any links with
the armed opposition and that their detention was politically motivated;
- stating that Amnesty International believes them to be prisoners of conscience
and requests their immediate and unconditional release;
- expressing concern at the repeated harassment of Ermegelindo Morillos Alejos
and Olimpo Alejos Mendoza by members of the army, and asking the authorities
to ensure their physical safety;
- expressing concern about the reported torture by members of the army of Miguel
Liñan Mariños and requesting the authorities to order a prompt and full
investigation, that the findings be made public, and that the perpetrators
be brought to justice.
1) President:
Presidente Alberto Fujimori
Presidente de la República
Palacio de Gobierno
Plaza de Armas, Lima 1, PERU
Telegrams: Presidente Fujimori, Lima, Peru
Telexes: 20167 PE PALACIO
Salutation: Señor Presidente/ Dear Mr President
2) Ministry of the Interior
General EP Juan Briones Dávila
Ministro del Interior
Ministerio del Interior
Plaza 30 de Agosto 150
San Isidro, Urb. Corpac, Lima 27, PERU
Telegrams: General Briones, Ministerio del Interior, Lima, Peru
Telexes:21133 PE OCMI/21697
Salutation: Sr. General/Dear General
3) Ministry of Defence
General EP Victor Malca Villanueva
Ministro de Defensa
Ministerio de Defensa
Avda. Boulevard y Monterrico
Lima 33, PERU
Telegrams:General Malca, Ministerio de Defensa, Lima Peru
Faxes: 010 5114 359997 / 334470
Salutation: Señor General/ Dear General Malca
CEAPAZ, Santa Cruz N635,
Jesús María, Lima, PERU
and to diplomatic representatives of Peru accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office if sending appeals after 27 May 1994.

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