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Further information on UA 09/93 (AMR 46/01/93, 13 January) - Peru: fear for physical safety / legal concern: Dr Alfredo Crespo Bragayrac, Dr Jorge Cartegena Vargas, Dr Andres Coello (please note corrected name)

, N° d'index: AMR 46/003/1993

The first two lawyers named above were convicted of charges of treason by a secret military tribunal and have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Alfredo Crespo, defence lawyer for Abimael Guzman (leader of the "Sendero Luminoso") and Jorge Cartegena, lawyer for Martha Huatay (another "Sendero Luminoso" leader) were reportedly accused of serving as a link between their clients and the armed opposition group. AI believes that their trial took place according to decree law procedures which fall short of international fair trial standards. No further information has been received about Dr Andres Coello.

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