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UA 09/93 - Peru: fear for physical safety / legal concern: Dr Alfredo Crespo Bragayrac, Dr Jorge Cartagena Vargas, Dr Andres Cohello

, N° d'index: AMR 46/001/1993

The three lawyers named above were reportedly detained by members of a special unit of DINCOTE, the anti-terrorist police, on 11 January 1993. The police are reported to have searched Dr Crespo's home and found propaganda material supporting the Communist Party of Peru ("Shining Path"); however, other reports disclaim these allegations. The three lawyers are members of the Colegio de Abodagos (Lawyers' Bar Association) and the Asociacion de Abogados Democraticos, which defends Shining Path members charged with offences under Peru's counter-insurgency law. The Asociacion de Abogados Democraticos has been the subject of threats, attacks and killings over the past years. Dr Crespo has claimed that he was threatened with death in October 1992.

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