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Mexico: Further information on "Disappearance" / fear of torture / extrajudicial execution

, N° d'index: AMR 41/092/1997

Angel Leal Alonso; Roman Morales Acevedo; Carlos Alberto Lopez Ines: extrajudicially executed; Daniel Colin Enciso; Oscar Ivan Mora and Juan Carlos Romero Peralta, extrajudicially executed after being tortured: After the discovery on 9 September of the bodies of Daniel Colin Enciso, Oscar Ivan Mora and Juan Carlos Romero Peralta who were evidently tortured before being extrajudicially executed, the bodies of the first three above-named individuals were discovered on 30 September. They had also been apparently extrajudicially executed. The Legislative Assembly of the Federal District has announced the creation of a commission to ensure that investigations lead to indentification and punishment of those responsible for the killings.

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