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Mexico: Fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/076/1997

Esperanza Cuevas Sandoval (f), pregnant, Arnulfo Galindo Rico, Jose Cleofas Sandoval Hernandez, Maria de Lourdes Cueva Sandoval (f), aged 10, Maria Guillermo Dominguez, aged 6, Antonio Gonzalez Parra, Carmen Vieyra Robles (f), Maria de los Angeles Martinez Gonzalez (f) and a four-month-old baby: There is grave concern for the safety of the nine members of the indigenous community of Santa Maria Tequepexpan, Jalisco State, who remain unaccounted for after more than 1000 members of the community were violently evicted by police on 14 August 1997 from land they had reclaimed. More that 40 people were injured during the eviction, including children.

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