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Mexico: Further information on ill-treatment / fear for safety / fear of torture: Bertoldo Martinez Cruz

, N° d'index: AMR 41/075/1996

The above, a peasant activist and leader of the 6 March Movement, has been released on bail.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AMR 41/75/96
18 November 1996
Further information on EXTRA 91/96 (AMR 41/26/96, 11 June 1996) and follow-ups
(AMR 41/48/96, 16 August; AMR 41/60/96, 8 October) - Ill-treatment / Fear for
safety / Fear of torture
MEXICOBertoldo Martínez Cruz, peasant activist
Amnesty International has learned that Bertoldo Martínez Cruz, a leader of
the Movimiento 6 de Marzo, 6 March Movement, a peasant organization in the
state of Guerrero, has been released on bail.
No further action by the UA Network is requested at present. Thanks to all
who sent appeals.

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