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Mexico: Further information on fear for safety / fear of torture / torture / ill-treatment / prisoner of conscience

, N° d'index: AMR 41/051/1997

Hilario Mesino Acosta, Benigno Guzman Martinez, Marino Sanchez Flores, peasant activists; arrested 15 July: Procoro Valente Gil, aged 26, student member of FAC-MLN; Alfredo Barragan, aged 22, Gregorio Garcia, aged 35, Gerardo Hurtado Arias, aged 18, Taide Mejia Hernandez, Marcos Mejia Cruz, peasant activists; Valentin Tapia Noyola, aged 24, chauffeur; peasant activist members of OPCG arrested 9 July: Cleofas Sanchez, Pedro Barrios, Gervacio Arce, Gonzalo Sanchez; peasant activist members of OCSS arrested 8 July: Teodoro Juarez Sanchez, Ramiro Jimenez, Lorenzo Adame Benitez, Jeronimo Adame: Amnesty International has learned that Hilario Mesino Acosta was released on 21 June 1997.

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