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Mexico: Fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/046/1997

Nancy (f), aged 17; Monica (f), aged 16; Rebeca (f), aged 14; Acapulco (presumed nickname), aged 16; Gari, aged 13; and other street children: There is concern that the above may face harassment, attacks or arrest for having reported the rape and sexual assault of two of the group to the authorities. On 28 May 1997 Nancy was detained by two members of the Preventative Police near the Northern Bus Station. She was then reportedly beaten and raped. The following day she reported what had happened to the Federal District Human Rights Commission. On 30 May members of the police arrested the other four children named above, and reportedly beat them, and sexually assaulted Rebeca. In recent days police and members of a private security force have reportedly arbitrarily arrested and threatened several other street children. There is grave concern for the safety of the group of children who live around the Northern Bus Station, particularly Nancy and Rebeca.

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