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Mexico: Further information on torture / fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/041/1996

Jose Nava Andrade, peasants' rights activist, Nicolasa Costeno de Nava, his wife, Maria Trinidad Costeno, his daughter, aged 19, Pascasio Nava Costeno, his son, aged 16, Guillermo Nava Costeno, his son, aged 18, Eva Noemi Nava Costeno, his daughter, aged 13, Sergio Raul Nava Costeno, his son, aged 8, Gustavo Nava Costeno, his son, aged 2, Leticia Priani Garcia (f), aged 26, human rights defender, Veronica Velasco Gaona (f), aged 24, human rights defender; new name: Araceli Munoz (f), human rights defender: Fears for the safety of members of Christian Action for the Abolition of Torture in Mexico D.F., have been further heightened following death threats against another activist in connection with this organization's activities for victims of torture, particularly in the case of Jose Nava Andrade and his family.

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