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Mexico: Possible extrajudicial execution / "disappearances" / fear of torture

, N° d'index: AMR 41/038/1996

Killed: Manuel Martinez de la Torre, indigenous peasant; "Disappeared": Valentin de la Torre Mendoza, Rafael Vazquez de la Torre; Arrested: Miguel Vazquez Mendoza, Miguel Vazquez Robles, Jose Angel Mendoza Gomez, Meliton de Jesus Mendoza Gomez, Manuel Mendoza Vazquez, Jose Antonio Alcazar Hidalgo, Marco Antonio Vazquez Ramirez, Juan C. Hidalgo Gomez, Jose Angel Alcazar Hidalgo, Jose Alcazar Gomez, Domingo Gomez Martinez, Bartolo Jimenez Hidalgo: A joint police and paramilitary operation against two neighbouring communities in Chiapas state have left one person dead and two others "disappeared". Twelve other people, mainly indigenous Tzotziles, most of whom are members of the non-violent Emiliano Zapata Peasants Organization (OCEZ), have been arrested and are feared to be at risk of torture in custody.

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