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Mexico: Further information on: fear for safety / fear of torture

, N° d'index: AMR 41/037/1996

Hilario Mesino Acosta, peasant activist, Benigno Guzman Martinez, peasant activist, Marino Sanchez Flores, peasant activist. New names: arrested 15 July: Procoro Valente Gil, aged 26, student member of FAC-MLN, Alfredo Barragan, aged 22, peasant activist, Gregorio Garcia, aged 35, peasant activist, Gerardo Hurtado Arias, aged 18, peasant activist, Taide Mejia Hernandez, peasant activist, Marcos Mejia Cruz, peasant activist, Valentin Tapia Noyola, aged 24 chauffeur (photo); arrested 9 July: Cleofas Sanchez, Pedro Barrios, Gervacio Arce, Gonzalo Sanchez, peasant activists and members of OPCG; arrested 8 July: Teodoro Juarez Sanchez, Ramiro Jimenez, Lorenzo Adame Benitez, Jeronimo Adame, peasant activists and members of the OCSS: Fears for the safety of members of the Southern Sierra Peasant Organization (OCSS) in Guerrero state have widened into grave concern for all peasant activists in the state. Since the appearance of the People's Revolutionary Army (ERP) on 28 June 1996, hundreds of police have arrived in Guerrero state. There have been continuous reports of threats, intimidation and ill-treatment against members of local communities as troops and police search homes and vehicles for weapons and ERP members.

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