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Mexico: Fear for safety / fear of torture

, N° d'index: AMR 41/034/1996

Hilario Mesino Acosta, peasant activist, Benigno Guzman Martinez, peasant activist, Marino Sanchez Flores, peasant activist and other members of the OCSS in Guerrero state: AI is deeply concerned for the safety of members of the Southern Sierra Peasant Organization (OCSS) in Guerrero state whose members have suffered attacks and death threats in connection with their activities on behalf of the local indigenous and peasant population. Since the massacre of 17 peasants on 28 June 1995 in Aguas Blancas, a wave of violence has swept through the state. Althought the OCSS and the ERP (People's Revolutionary Army) have made public statements denying any links between them, the government has launched a campaign against members of the OCSS. AI's concerns have also been heightened by reports that thousands of soldiers have, since 28 June, been sent to Guerrero state.

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