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Mexico: Ill-treatment / fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/026/1996

Higinio Torres Lucena, Bertoldo Martinez Cruz (Leaders of the 6 March Movement), Carmelo Juanico Reyes, Leonel Palma Bailon, Gilberto Hernandez Palma, Pedro Reduncindo Palma, Teofilo Pacheco, Rodrigo Palma Cisneros, Regulo Palma, Lino Palma, Rodolfo Suastegui Sanchez, aged 14, Maria Sabino Perez (f), aged 25, Matilde Cruz Nieves (f), Agapita Reducindo Palma (f), Maria de Jesus Molina (f): During the eviction on 31 May 1996 of scores of supporters of the 6 March Movement, a peasant organization, from the municipal officies of the town of San Marcos, there is concern at reports that several peasants were ill-treated and shot. On 3 June supporters again occupied the town hall, where they remain. There is concern for their safety and that of the first ten people named above who have had arrest warrants issued against them.

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