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Mexico: Further information on "disappearance" / fear for safety / fear of torture

, N° d'index: AMR 41/025/1997

Rufino Pablo Mendoza, aged 22, Antonio Hernandez de Los Santos, aged 20, Victor Feliciano de Los Santos, aged 12, Rufino Ramirez Vazquez, aged 20, Francisco Feliciano de Los Santos, aged 25, Alfonso Martinez Lopez (previously reported as Sergio Martinez Santiago), Alfredo Rojas Santiago: Two members of the indigenous mixteco community of Guadalupe Mano de Leon in Guerrero state, Rufino Pablo Mendoza and Antonio Hernandez de Los Santos, remain "disappeared" after being beaten and arrested without warrants by police on 16 February 1997. There is grave concern for their safety. Rufino Ramirez Vazquez and 12-year-old Victor Feliciano de Los Santos, who were arrested at the same time, were released after several days. Francisco Feliciano de Los Santos was released on bail on 20 March. Alfonso Martinez Lopez and Alfredo Rojas Santiago are still in detention. They were allegedly tortured and forced to sign confessions in Spanish, despite being unable to read or speak Spanish.

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