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Mexico: Further information on fear of imminent deportation of human rights defenders

, N° d'index: AMR 41/021/1997

Vilma Nunez de Escorcia (f), Nicaraguan national, Benjamin Cuellar, Salvadorean national: Amnesty International has learned that the two international human rights defenders named above had their appeals to remain in Mexico rejected by the Ministry of the Interior on 18 April and had to leave Mexico at noon on 20 April. Vilma Nunez was visited in her hotel in the early hours of 19 April by eight members of immigration who requested, in an intimidating manner, that she sign her expulsion order. They told her that she was being expelled because she was interfering in the internal affairs of the country. Amnesty International is seriously concerned at their expulsion and is urging the authorities to honour their international commitments that all human rights defenders be allowed to carry out their peaceful activities.

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