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Mexico: Fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/021/1996

Alberto Velazquez, Guillermo Godinez Ramirez, Ricardo Ayala Lopez, Jaime Ramirez Maza, Francisco Molina Cortez and his wife, all human rights activists; Amando Herrera Rios, aged 76, member of the Jesuit community, Eugenio Maurer Abalos, Jesuit priest, Alberto Velazquez Cruz, member of the Jesuit community, Salvador Quintero Gonzalez, member of the Jesuit community, Pablo Olivares Martinez, Jesuit priest: AI is concerned for the safety of inhabitants of San Jeronimo, in Bachajon, Chiapas, including the above, who managed to escape after a violent attack by a paramilitary group.

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