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Mexico: Recent developments relevant to the issue of torture

, N° d'index: AMR 41/010/1991

This report updates "Mexico: Torture with impunity" (AMR 41/04/91). New information has been received on important cases documented in that report: lawyer Francisco Antonio Valencia Fontes, Enrique Machi Ramirez and Armando Machi Bustamante were released without charge in June 1991. Jose Luis Antillon and Juan Alfonso Ortiz Gomez, arrested in connection with the case, were also released. Magdaleno Vera Garcia and Carlos Morfin were released without charge on 26 June. New violations are reported: Gregorio Ramos Ramirez's body, bearing signs of torture, was found on 18 July 1991 and medical doctor and journalist Victor Manuel Oropeza was killed on 3 July. Reforms to the Republic Attorney General's Office are discussed, as is the National Human Rights Commission.

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