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Mexico: Fear for safety / possible extrajudicial execution

, N° d'index: AMR 41/008/1998

Gustavo Zarate, Celso Cruz, Mariano Lopez, Inar Berneli Dominguez, Jorge Motolina, Rosendo Hernandez, Felipe Lopez, all ADEPECH (Democratic State Assembly of the People of Chiapas) activists and other members of ADEPECH; Rubicel Ruiz Gamboa, possibly extrajudicially executed: AI is seriously concerned for the safety of the above members of the ADEPECH. Many have received death threats from Peace and justice, a paramilitary organisation alledgedly linked to the authorities. On 28 January 1998, the leader of this Assembly, Rubicel Ruiz Gamboa, was apparently extrajudicially executed. A few days later, ADEPECH reported that its offices had been raided. One activist, Felipe Lopez, has been forced to flee Chiapas as a result of the intimidation that he has been subjected to.

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