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Mexico: Further information on extrajudicial executions / fear for safety

, N° d'index: AMR 41/003/1998

Amnesty International has received a list of the names of the 45 Tzotzil Indians peasant massacred in Acteal, municipality of Chenalhó, Chiapas State, on 22 December 1997. They are: Alonso Vázquez Gómez, María Luna Méndez (f), Rosa Vázquez Luna (f), Veronica Vázquez Luna (f), Micaela Vázquez Luna (f), Juana Vázquez Luna (f), Juana Luna Vázquez (f), María Jiménez Luna (f), Susana Jiménez Luna (f), Miguel Jiménez Pérez, Marcela Luna Ruiz (f), Alejandro Luna Ruiz, Jaime Luna Ruiz, Regina Luna Pérez (f), Roselia Luna Pérez (f), Ignacio Pukuj Luna, Micaela Pukuj Luna (f), Victorio Vázquez Gómez, Agustín Gómez Ruiz, Juana Pérez Pérez (f), Juan Carlos Luna Pérez, Marcela Vázquez Vázquez (f), Antonia Vázquez Vázquez (f), Lorenzo Gómez Pérez, Verónica Pérez Oyalte (f), Sebastian Gómez Pérez, Daniel Gómez Pérez, Pablina Hernández Vázquez (f), Roselia Gómez Hernández (f), Graciela Gómez Hernández (f ), Guadalupe Gómez Hernández (f), María Ruiz Oyalté (f), Catalina Vázquez Pérez (f), Catalina Luna Ruiz (f), Manuela Paciencia Moreno (f), Margarito Gómez Paciencia, Rosa Gómez Pérez (f), Doida Ruiz Gómez (f), Agustín Ruiz Gómez, Rosa Pérez Pérez (f), Manuel Vázquez Pérez, Juana Vázquez Pérez (f), Josefa Vázquez Pérez (f), Marcela Capote Vázquez (f), Marcela Capote Ruiz (f) and new names: Guadalupe Mendez Lopez (f), Isabel Santis (f) and Lazaro Lopez Vazquez: On 12 January 1998, Guadalupe Mendez Lopez was shot dead by members of the State Judicial Police in Chiapas State, during a demonstration calling for justice for the above mentionned Tzotzil Indians. Her three year old daughter, Isabel Santis, and another peasant, Lazaro Lopez Vazquez, were shot and seriously wounded. AI continues to be concerned for the safety of indigenous people in Chiapas State.

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