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Mexico: Human rights violations against members of the Mixe and Zapotec indigenous community of La Trinidad Yaveo, Oaxaca

, N° d'index: AMR 41/001/1992

AI is concerned at the summary execution of Tomas Diego Garcia, a member of the indigenous community of La Trinidad Yaveo, Oaxaca state, during a raid by police and local gunmen on 25 January 1992. Five other Mixe Indians and one Zapotec Indian were arrested during the raid: Agustin Diego Garcia, Odilon Garcia Serafin, Abraham Miguel Prudencio, Efrein Miguel Prudencio, Alberto Martinez Hernandez and Daniel Muez Garcia. Two women, Cristina Diego Garcia and Teresa Esteban Pacheco, were reportedly beaten and a member of the police allegedly threatened to kill a five-year-old boy who was crying. These events are related to a continuing dispute between the community and local landowners. AI is also concerned about the imprisonment in 1990 of 8 other community members.

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