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Jamaica: "...Until their voices are heard...": The Report of the West Kingston Commission of Inquiry

, N° d'index: AMR 38/010/2003

The report examines the adequacy of the Commission of Inquiry established to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of 27 and injuries of around 60 between 7-10 July 2003 in West Kingston. It uses human rights law as a lens through which to consider both the procedure of the Inquiry and the final report. It considers international and domestic human rights law governing both the actions of the security forces, including situations of mass disturbances, and the requirements for proper investigations into allegations of human rights violations committed by agents of the state. The report concludes that despite falling within the terms of reference of the West Kingston Inquiry, the requirement to undertake a full and independent inquiry into the deaths that occurred in July 2001 in West Kingston was not properly addressed either in the Commission hearings or in the subsequent report.

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