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UA 115/94 - Honduras: death threats / fear for safety: Leo Valladares Lanza, Berta Oliva de Nativi, Dina Meetabel Meza Elvir, Jorge Alberto Sierra Moncada

, N° d'index: AMR 37/003/1994

The above-named, all involved in promoting human rights in Honduras, have reportedly been subjected to death threats and intimidated during March 1994. Dr Leo Valladares, the government's National Commissioner for the protection of Human Rights in Honduras, was reportedly threatened on 1 March. Berta Oliva de Nativi, coordinator of COFADEH, was threatened by telephone on 2 March and again on 14 March. COFADEH also reported that its press officer, Dina Meetabel Meza Elvir, was followed by a vehicle with tinted windows between 6 and 15 March. COFADEH believes that the perpetrators may be connected with the intelligence services of the Honduran armed forces.

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