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"Disappearances" in Honduras: a wall of silence and indifference

, N° d'index: AMR 37/002/1992

While AI has not had any reports of "disappearances" since the current administration took office in January 1990, the organization remains concerned that past cases of "disappearance" remain unsolved. This document describes 12 cases, a small proportion of those allegedly "disappeared" during 1981-1989. Despite evidence of the involvement of the security forces, the authorities have denied that these people were ever detained. Cases described: Oscar Alexis Colindres Campos; Jorge Israel Zavala Eurake; Eduardo Anibal Blanco Araya; Maria Ediltrudis Montes Giron; Jose Eduardo Becerra Lanza; Jose Frech Gutierrez; Gustavo Adolfo Morales Funez; Rolando Vindel Gonzalez; Jose Eduardo Lopez; Roger Samuel Gonzalez Zelaya; Tomas Nativi Galvez and Jose Leonel Suazo Castillo.

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