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UA 24/94 - Honduras: extrajudicial execution following "disappearance" / fear for safety: Juan Pablo Laguna Cruz, Carlos Roberto Ventura

, N° d'index: AMR 37/001/1994

There is grave concern at the "disappearance" and subsequent killing of Juan Pablo Laguna Cruz, a Nicaraguan citizen, by Honduran police. This concern is heightened by the senior police authorities' attempt to cover-up the involvement of the security forces. There are also fears for the safety of an eye-witness, Carlos Roberto Ventura, who has reportedly been threatened. Juan Pablo Laguna Cruz was on a business trip and was carrying a large amount of cash, when he went missing on 11 December 1993. Investigations by the non-governmental Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH), revealed that he had been detained by Honduran police on a bus near the town of El Triunfo.

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