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UA 372/92 - Haiti: fear for safety / possible extrajudicial execution: Justin Brezil, Wesner Luc

, N° d'index: AMR 36/053/1992

Justin Brezil and Wesner Luc were reportedly abducted on 22 November 1992 in Port-au-Prince. The bullet-ridden body of Wesner Luc was found the next day. It is thought that he may have been extrajudicially executed by members of the security forces or those working with them. No news of the whereabouts of Justin Brezil has emerged. AI is concerned about his safety. Both were active members of the Comite National des Congres des Mouvements Democratiques (KONAKOM), whose members have been targets of threats and intimidation since the coup in 1991. Another KONAKOM member, Marcel Fleurzile, was reportedly killed by unidentified gunmen in September 1992.

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