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UA 166/94 - Haiti: extrajudicial execution / fear for safety / ill-treatment: Amio Metayer, "Charlo", "Ti Claude" and other residents of Raboteau, Gonaives

, N° d'index: AMR 36/021/1994

AI fears for the safety of the residents of the shanty-town of Raboteau after a series of attacks against them by the Haitian army. The father and sister of well-known militant Amio Metayer were detained on 18 April with another youth, "Charlo". They were released on 19 April. Alourdes and Ludovic Metayer were forced to listen to the beating of Balaguer Metayer, who has been in prison since last November. The army then attacked on 22-23 April. The death toll has been difficult to establish: sources indicate that between 20 and 50 people may have died. The only person named as having been killed is "Ti Claude", a well-known local militant.

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