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Further information on UA 139/93 (AMR 36/15/93, 28 April) - Haiti: ill- treatment / prisoner of conscience: Cajuste Lexius, Phabonor St Vil, Saveur Aurelus

, N° d'index: AMR 36/016/1993

Phabonor St Vil and Saveur Aurelus were released on 29 April 1993. Cajuste Lexius has also formally been released, but because of injuries sustained during detention, he was transferred on 27 April to a military hospital. All three are reported to have been ill-treated by the security forces.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AMR 36/16/93
Distr: UA/SC
4 May 1993
Further information on UA 139/93 (AMR 36/15/93, 28 April 1993) -
Ill-treatment/Prisoner of Conscience
HAITI:Cajuste LEXIUS, Secretary General of Centrale Générale de
Travailleurs (CGT), General Workers' Union
Phabonor ST. VIL, Secretary of CGT
Saveur AURÉLUS, member of CGT
Amnesty International has learned that Phabonor St. Vil and Saveur Aurélus
were released from custody on 29 April 1993. Cajuste Lexius has also formally
been released but, because of injuries sustained during detention, he has been
transferred to a military hospital and so effectively remains under military
control. All three are reported to have been ill-treated by the security
Cajuste Lexius was transferred to military hospital on 27 April and reportedly
underwent an operation there to treat the injuries he had sustained as a result
of the severe beatings he had received in detention. According to reports,
his medical condition has improved and he wants to leave hospital but the
military maintain that he is still not in a position to be moved from the
hospital. Although he has been formally released, while he remains in hospital
he is effectively still under military control.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and
airmail letters in French, English or your own language:
- welcoming the release of Phabonor St. Vil and Saveur Aurélus but expressing
concern at reports that they have been subjected to ill-treatment by the security
- expressing concern that Cajuste Lexius was severely beaten in detention and
as a result needed to be treated in hospital;
- expressing concern that, although he has been formally released from
detention, he is still effectively being held in custody in the military
- urging that he be definitively released from military custody;
- requesting that he be accorded adequate medical care from the doctor of his
- urging for an immediate investigation into the alleged ill-treatment of all
three trade unionists and that those found responsible be brought to justice.
Page 2 of FU 139/93
1. Prime Minister:
Monsieur Marc BAZIN
Premier Ministre
Palais National
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telegrams: Premier Ministre BAZIN, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Faxes: + 509 34 1980, + 509 23 2121
Salutation: Monsieur le Premier Ministre / Dear Prime Minister
2. Military commander of the Armed Forces:
Monsieur le Générale Raoul CEDRAS
Commandant-en-Chef des Forces Armées d'Haiti
Grand Quartier Général des Forces Armées d'Haiti
Rue Geffrard
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telegrams: Commandant-en-Chef des Armées d'Haiti Cedras, Port-au-Prince,
Telephone: + 509 22 3935
Telexes: 20391 gqfadh
Faxes: + 509 23 9007, + 509 23 9407
Salutation: Monsieur le Général / Dear General
3. Chief of National Police:
Monsieur le Lt.Colonel Michel FRANÇOIS
Chef de la Police Nationale
Grand Quartier Général de la Police
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telegrams: Chef, Police Nationale, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Salutation: Monsieur le Lt. Colonel / Dear Lt. Colonel
4. Head of Anti-gang Investigation Service:
Monsieur le Capitaine
Chef du Service d'investigation et de recherches anti-gang
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telegrams: Chef du Service d'investigation anti-gang, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Salutation: Monsieur le Capitaine / Dear Captain
Human Rights Organization:
Commission de l'Ogith des Droits Humains et Syndicaux (CODDHUS)
Route de Delmas et Delmas 11
No. 121 bis, 2ème étage
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Newspaper (weekly):
Haiti en Marche
173 N.W. 94 St.
FL 33150, USA
and to diplomatic representatives of HAITI accredited to your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 15 June 1993.

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