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UA 132/94 - Haiti: torture / fear of extrajudicial execution: Moliere Jean Francois

, N° d'index: AMR 36/015/1994

There is concern for the safety of Moliere Jean Francois, a member of the Komite Inisyativ kont Represyon nan Pon Sonde (KIREPS) following his arrest on 24 March 1994. He was accused, apparently falsely of possession of a firearm. He was detained at the military barracks in St Marc where he was subjected to torture and ill-treatment. The military have threatened to execute him on 3 April if a gun, taken from an attache, was not returned. The gun has apparently been handed to the authorities, but they have not passed it on to the military. Moliere Jean Francois has reportedly not received food or clothing for several days, and has not received any medical attention which he urgently needs following his torture.

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