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UA 08/93 - Haiti: legal concern / fear of torture: Joseph Saint-Firmin, Raymond Amazan, Maxime Horacius, Morpeau (second name unknown) and five others, names unknown to Amnesty International

, N° d'index: AMR 36/001/1993

The above-mentioned people were reportedly arrested without warrant in the town of Les Cayes. Joseph Saint-Firmin is the mother of the local branch secretary of Lavalas, a political movement which supported deposed President Aristide. Members of the security forces arrived on 8 January 1993 looking for her daughter; they reportedly searched the house and arrested Joseph Saint-Firmin after she denied knowledge of her daughter's whereabouts. The others are supporters of deposed President Aristide and were reportedly arrested on 11 January. It is not known where they are held. Raymond Amazan has been detained and ill-treated on two previous occasions; AI is concerned about reports that he was beaten on arrest and fears that all may be ill-treated in detention.

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