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Further information on UA 379/93 (AMR 34/76/93, 27 October; and follow-up AMR 34/77/93, 20 October) - Guatemala: fear for safety: Francisco Solbal Santay, Tiburcio Hernandez Hernandez, Noel Jesus de Beteta Alvarez and three others; Jorge Guillermo Lemus,

, N° d'index: AMR 34/082/1993

Four prisoners in all have been found dead in the Zone 18 Preventivo Prison in Guatemala. Moises Tun Toc was found dead in his cell on 24 October. A few days earlier, Antonio Castillo Mendez, Jose Morales Campos and Oliverio Echeverria were also found dead. Initially the government claimed all four had committed suicide, but a forensic inquiry undertaken by the Toxicology Department at the University of San Carlos (USAC) has established they were murdered, apparently drugged with barbiturates. Two guards and a sub-director of the prison have been jailed in connection with the deaths. Local human rights groups have claimed the four were killed as part of a campaign of intimidation intended to prevent other prisoners from revealing information about "death squads".

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