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Guatemala: Apparent extrajudicial execution of Lucas Perez Tadeo

, N° d'index: AMR 34/047/1992

Lucas Perez Tadeo, a 35-year-old peasant of Chuj origin, was apparently killed by members of the armed forces in the village of Guaxacana, Huehuetenango department, on 31 August 1992. He had attended a meeting of the Civil Defence Patrols on the evening of 31 August after which, his common-law wife reported, he left to work on his plot of land outside the village entrance. He was not seen again until villagers found his body, bearing signs of torture, buried by the road to Trinidad on 3 September. They had enquired into his whereabouts at the military detachment in Las Palmas and, having at first denied all knowledge, an army captain had told them where to find Lucas Perez Tadeo. The case is currently being investigated. No results have yet been made public.

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