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UA 401/94 - Guatemala: fear for safety / excessive use of force: Mario Lopez Sanchez (killed); Guillermo Fernandez Herrera, Mario Encarnacion Say, Erick Mijangos and five other unnamed students (wounded)

, N° d'index: AMR 34/045/1994

AI is concerned about reports of excessive use of force by members of the Guatemalan National Police who fired on students from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City on 9 November 1994. One student died and some eight others were wounded. The students had been demonstrating about a rise in public transport fares and were pursued onto the university campus by police after some students had reportedly thrown rocks at the police. A forensic report into the death of 21-year-old law student Mario Lopez Sanchez concluded that he died as a result of multiple blows inflicted by members of the police and not as a result of the bullet wound. Some of the other wounded students are reported to be in a critical state. The government has promised to investigate the incident.

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