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UA 86/94 - Guatemala: death threats / fear for safety: Nineth Montenegro, Byron Morales, Nery Barrios, Armando Sanchez, Perci Mendez, Ernesto Bol, Carlos Enrique Lobos and Adolfo Hector Ortiz Barrera

, N° d'index: AMR 34/012/1994

There have been reports that the first seven people listed above have been threatened with death if they do not leave Guatemala within 48 hours. The eighth has suffered a recent grenade attack on his home. The threats were reportedly made in a letter delivered on 2 March to the offices of the Unidad de Accion Sindical y Popular (UASP), Unity of Trade Union and Popular Action, in Coban, Alta Vera Paz. The letter was allegedly signed in the name of the death squad, "Jaguar Justiciero" or "J.J.". These latest threats have come as workers have carried out a series of strikes, occupations and demonstrations in Guatemala City to press their demands for wage settlements in line with a salary scale which they say was agreed with the government in July 1992.

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