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Guatemala: Secret detention of hors de combat and non-combatant prisoners

, N° d'index: AMR 34/011/1993

This document summarizes information concerning persons allegedly held in secret detention by the Guatemalan army. It is based on testimonies presented to the UN Human Rights Commission in February-March 1993 by two combatants of the Guatemalan armed opposition group, UNRG. Those allegedly seen in custody are: Efrain Bamaca Velasquez, Anastacia Lopez Calvo, Martin Perez Cabrera, "Gara" Estrada and Maria Angela Simon Misa. Unacknowledged detainees who have allegedly "disappeared" are: Cesar Augusto Cabrera Hernandez, Carlos Lopez, Anibal Cabrera Lopez, Antonio Lorenzo, Reginaldo de Jesus Perez, and two others, known as "Santos-2" and "Obispo". A man identified only as "Baltazar" was allegedly killed by the army after being captured on 28 February 1991.

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