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UA 34/94 - Guatemala: fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions: Marco Vinicio Mejia, Otto Moran, all staff of Tinamit magazine (fear for safety); Victor Cruz, Maria Mejia (killed)

, N° d'index: AMR 34/005/1994

There is concern for the safety of Marco Vinicio Mejia, Otto Moran and all other staff at Tinamit magazine, following the murders of a Tinamit journalist, Victor Cruz, and of Marco Vinicio Mejia's wife, Maria Mejia and their 14-year-old daughter. Tinamit is a magazine critical of the present government. Victor Cruz was shot by unidentified men on 23 December 1993. The bodies of Maria Mejia and her daughter were found on 26 January 1994, after they had reportedly disappeared in unknown circumstances two days earlier from Escuintla, a market town south of Guatemala City. There is concern that the three may have been extrajudicially executed. Otto Moran, the director of Tinamit magazine, has recently received death threats.

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