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Guatemala: fear for safety: Senayda Cana Chanay

, N° d'index: AMR 34/003/1995

Senayda Cana Chanay, a longstanding member of GAM, an association of the relatives of "disappeared" people, is in hospital after an attempt on her life on 6 February 1995. She was shot as she was leaving her home in the village of Parajo. Senayda Cana has reported being visited and questioned in an intimidating manner in hospital by a member of the armed forces and being harassed by police assigned to protect her. Unidentified men also called at her house on the night of 6 February but her children did not answer as it was late. They are now being protected by members of Peace Brigades International. AI is concerned for the safety of Seynada Cana and her children.

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