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EXTRA 81/93 - El Salvador: death threats: Dr Rene Madecadel Perla Jimenez

, N° d'index: AMR 29/016/1993

Dr Perla Jimenez, a prominent lawyer, and professor at the Law Faculty at the National University of El Salvador, has received threats to his life. He was recently elected representative of the University Law Faculty to the National Judicial Council which was appointed under the terms of the peace accords to supervise the implementation of a series of judicial reforms aimed at making the judiciary more independent and efficent. On 14 September he received a telephone message from an individual claiming to be from the Salvadorian Lawyers' Association, saying he would be killed if he did not leave the country within three days. On 16 September he received further threats allegedly from the Brigada Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez, the notorious "death squad".

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