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Further information on UA 359/92 (AMR 29/10/92, 17 November) - El Salvador: legal / medical concern: Adolfo Aguilar Payes

, N° d'index: AMR 29/011/1992

Adolfo Aguilar Payes, a political prisoner on hunger strike since mid- October, has been transferred to hospital under prison guard. He is reportedly receiving adequate medical attention and is allowed visits from his lawyer and relatives. Adolfo Aguilar Payes went on hunger strike to protest at having been held for more than three years without trial. He was arrested in 1989, accused of the murder of two members of a right-wing group. The only evidence against him appears to be an extrajudicial statement drawn up by Treasury Police, who, he claims, tortured him. AI has now learned that his trial is to commence on 24 November 1992

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