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UA 359/92 - El Salvador: legal / medical concern: Adolfo Aguilar Payes

, N° d'index: AMR 29/010/1992

Adolfo Aguilar Payes has been on hunger strike for over 30 days in the Centro Penal "La Esperanza" de San Luis Mariona in protest at being held for more than three years without trial. He is said to be in poor health with kidney and urinary infections. He has apparently been visited by an independent doctor. Adolfo Aguilar was arrested on 23 July 1989 and held for three days by Treasury Police. He claims that they beat him, gave him electric shocks and placed a hood impregnated with lime over his head. He was later remanded in custody for his alleged involvement in two political murders in 1989. The only evidence linking him to these crimes appears to be a statement allegedly given under duress in police custody. Recent reports indicate that his trial may start soon.

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